Note: All custom pieces take 4 - 6 weeks to complete.

 We specialize in furniture restoration, reupholstery, and wood finishing services. We finish new pieces and refinish old pieces. As craftsman we pay attention to detail therefore we work to perfection.

We offer reupholstery services to modern and antique furniture from tufting, nail heads, slipcovers and throw pillows. We also repair loose joints, reattach broken legs, cane seating, and backing. If your pillows are low on down feathers, we can add more down feathers to any pillows.

Repair and Services

  Heaven Antiques has been providing innovative solutions and craftsmanship in custom furniture and upholstery for over 20 years. We specialize in antique and vintage furniture, antique restoration, window treatments, and general reupholstery.

We can reproduce from original designs or customize to fit your specific needs. We thrive on conceptual design innovation and inspiration. We construct with passion and detail which gives each piece a touch of elegance.